The Loosely Coupled Podcast

Episode 25: Systems Administration and DevOps

In this episode Jeff and Matt talk about systems administration and DevOps for developers. This topic is important because, as developers, having an understanding of the full stack your application is deployed on can separate you as a senior developer. They talk about some times when having some insight into working with linux, managing and configuring webservers, databases, etc. has come in handy as well as reference some important things you should know as a developer to be able to help in an emergency or just to maintain your application’s health in production.

Episode 24: Minimum Viable Product

In this epsiode Jeff and Matt talk about the concept of a minimum viable product and what it means to us as developers. The concept of an MVP is simple but it often gets used as an excuse to put out poorly-implemented products. Listen as Jeff and Matt discuss their opinions about the problems with MVP in our industry and how we as developers can fight against them.

Episode 22: Resolution Won’t Fix

In this episode Jeff and Matt talk about a very important skill all developers need to learn: how to say no. Saying no is pretty easy but there are ways to appropriately convey the reason why doing what is being asked is not a good idea.

Episode 21: Open Sourcing Libraries and Packages

In this episode Jeff and Matt discuss what it means when you take the step to open sourcing your package or library. This is significantly different than working on an application and the goal of this episode is to talk about what you’re getting yourself into as a package maintainer.