The Loosely Coupled Podcast

Loosely Coupled Sponsorship Prospectus

Sponsoring the Loosely Coupled podcast is a great way to help support the professional growth of developers of all skill levels. We target listeners who value quality and efficiency. We hope to be able to establish relationships with sponsors who share these values and goals.


  • Total Listens: 32,477
  • 6-week Average: 849
  • RSS Subscribers: 516


  • $150/episode
  • $125/episode with two episode commitment
  • $550 for a 6-episode block (approximately 3 months of sponsorship)

Our sponsorship structure is focused around per-episode sponsorship. We aim to release a new episode every other week. We are open to mixing pre-recorded spots into our final production if you have them, or we are willing to write and include some information about you, what you do, and why our listeners should look into your company or organization.

Sponsorship also includes information in the publicized post about the episode which will show up on, is sent in our newsletter, and in syndication applications such at iTunes. We will also include information about your sponsorship in tweets leading up to the release of the episode(s) you sponsor. For longer-term commitments we will display your logo and brief information about you in the sidebar of our website.

The sponsorship rate is $150/episode. We prefer that you commit to a minimum of two episodes, so we offer a discount for sponsorship commitments in two- and six-episode blocks. We do want to establish solid, on-going relationships with our sponsors, so we want to know what you do and to be excited to include you in our show. We are flexible with costs, especially if what you do is something we would really like to support.

Community Supporters

We also offer a community sponsorship level. This is reserved for projects, organizations, conferences, individual authors, podcasts, etc and will get you mention in our show as well as featured on our website as a community supporter.

Cost of sponsorship at this level is $50.

If you have questions about your eligibility for this level please contact us at

What your sponsorship dollars will do

We are always looking for ways to improve our show. We have some equipment needs to make recording more reliable both in our regular shows and our on-location shows we record at conferences and such. Some sponsorship money will go towards equipment upgrades.

We host the show website and the actual podcast episodes and some sponsorship dollars will go towards maintaining those resources.

Finally, we are proponents of giving back to the community. Our show is about improving developer’s lives by talking about problems and situations we face in our careers. Part of that is the community. To date we have sponsored the LoneStarPHP Conference 2015 and the Wisdom as a Service Tour 2015 by Coderabbi. We hope to be able to give back more to the community and will use a portion of sponsorship funds to do that.


We are always happy to answer questions you might have about sponsorship, our show, or our listeners. Please get in touch with us at